Cosmic Vinegar, March 2013

Welcome welcome! Great day here at Cosmic Vinegar. Still not on schedule–surprised?–but next issue should be! April will be out on April 5, or I’m a jerk. We have some important, character building chapters of The Million (to be followed by mayhem soon), and one of the most intricate and in-depth reviews I’ve ever done.

Further, I’m moving on plans to expand the material in the magazine. I’d like to start publishing interviews with international artists on all the issues important to them (and us)–making relevant art, surviving in capitalist society, effecting change. I’m beginning to contact candidates for these interviews and I would love to publish one a month. More news on this will follow in the April issue.

I’d also like to point kind readers to an interview I recently did with Ban T-Shirts, a like-minded site that offers clothing with anticapitalist messages and even some SF shirts. I got my eye on that Ubik design…

Links ahoy! Cosmic Vinegar, V2 Issue 6:

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Online: the reviews, and The Million’s chapter 25 and chapter 26.


This is from the surface of Mars, a place dubbed Yellowknife Bay. You can thank the Mars rover Curiosity and the good folks at NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS.

There’s only a single review this issue. I was so taken by Jake Kerr’s story over in this month’s Lightspeed that I had to devote more space to it than I normally would. I barely scratched the surface but there’s only so much I can do! Maybe some other intelligent reader will take the analysis further.

Finally, I would like to make a humble mention of today’s date, the two year anniversary of the Syrian revolution. I wish safety to those fighting and caught in the fighting, and a rapid solution to the horrible situation.