Cosmic Vinegar, May 2013

This is what it looks like when we make a deadline!

I am extremely proud and excited to present the first issue with an interview of an artist! The goal of the interviews is to explore how contemporary political realities are influencing global art movements. Since art, at a basic level, is about reflecting reality, how then are emerging artists interpreting our dynamic present? Read on to find out.

Cosmic Vinegar, V2 Issue 8:

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Online: the interview with Majd Abdel Hamid, the reviews, and The Million’s chapter 28 and chapter 29.


The art above is a selection from this month’s cover art, a sketch by Majd Abdel Hamid, who is  also the artist interviewed in this issue. In the interview, we discuss some of his previous artwork including multicolor portraits of Mohamed Bouazizi and constructing a model of the Dome of the Rock out of painkiller pills, as well as his desire to realize a uniquely Palestinian artistic voice.

In addition, the reviews this month elaborate on the theme of remixing, which has been discussed in previous issues, by taking apart one original story and its remix, both written by Kij Johnson and published in Clarkesworld. Remixing stories brings about interesting conclusions–revealing what is truly important in the original story, and how even those fundamentals can be reinterpreted when surrounded by new context.