Cosmic Vinegar, April 2013

Still…not…on schedule…but getting closer, only a few days late this time. Should I set another deadline? Why not, it was so much fun this time around! May 6!

The planned interviews with international artists should begin in the next issue; I am extremely excited about this project and the different views and experiences it will bring to the magazine. More than the other components of the magazine, I expect this section to grow/change/evolve. But it will always be enlightening and informative about contemporary artists, their processes, and relationship with the world around them.

Links ahoy! Cosmic Vinegar, V2 Issue 7:

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Online: the reviews, and The Million’s chapter 27.


Art is once more by my longtime friend Robert Acock.

Back to joint reviews in this issue. The stories are from the spring issues of Subterranean and Clarkesworld, both having to deal with how readers react to writing. The first story works from the author’s point of view, while the second story works from an outsider’s point of view. Authors are the outstanding William Browning Spencer and Genevieve Valentine–but the review will appeal to writers of all shapes and sizes, I hope.

Also, if you happen to read the PDF version, on the final page you’ll find an allusion to Margaret Thatcher. With a little bit of tweaking, even a negative message can become a positive one…!