Cosmic Vinegar, July 2012

Here it is, the July issue–in which you get an ending, of sorts, to Season 1 of The Million. But unresolved issues remain, new difficulties lurk on the horizon, and so much more: Season 2 will be more intense, higher stakes, and more spaceships! I promise, more spaceships. Or at least more flying around in spaceships. This is science fiction, after all, right?

Downloads: PDF | | MOBI | | EPub

Live links: Reviews | | The Million, chapter 15 and chapter 16

We finally have our first bit of true art for the magazine, provided courtesy of my friend Robert Acock. I love the abstract shapes in it, with suggestions of real objects–you can maybe see a spaceship, an alien, plants and planets. Above is only a teaser, there are six full pieces in the issue, as well as a shot of them all together.

So we’re entering a break in the action of The Million; what will I be up to in the meantime? I’ll be fleshing out the plans for Season 2, doing more short story reviews than normal, editing and compiling a full ebook of Season 1, going through fiction submissions, and importing all of The Million into Scrivener. I have a few things to do. It’ll be October before I know it. Yikes! I better get to work.

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