Cosmic Vinegar, June 2012

Here are your friendly links! In case you don’t read the files and use the live links instead, I wanted to update everyone with a new weekly project around here (that you can see below). H II Regions goes up every Tuesday with a handful of links to articles that generally relate to this project–either about SF, publishing, or politics. I offer a handful of thoughts on the stories and send you on your way. I think the growing use of “link digests” online is totally rad and wanted to start my own. Because why not?

Downloads: PDF | | MOBI | | EPub

Live links: Reviews | | The Million, chapter 14

Image from the European Southern Observatory this go-round, taken by Serge Brunier (and edited by Roberto Mura). Used under Collective Commons.

This issue features the penultimate section of The Million’s “act one”–chapters 15 and 16 finish things up in July and the story will go on a two month hiatus. During that time, we’ll feature more reviews than normal, hopefully fiction from other writers, plus a free ebook compiling the entirety of act one (with additional edits and maybe, just maybe, some proper cover art). Act two will begin with the October 2012 issue! Please enjoy this month’s offerings and send any feedback you might have to cosmicvinegar at gmail dot com.

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